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A different way to monetize your apps. No charge for your app and with no technological efforts.

Until now you can get profitability  in applications of these forms: No charge for your app and no technological efforts.

   - Banners: It is the most widespread method, but also the most hated by users. The space they occupy in your app impoverishes the functionality and design. Furthermore is a distraction that prevents end users enjoy the experience of use as it was designed.
   - Charge / Download: Currently users still showing distrust at payment time without even having tried the application. This translates into low revenue.

How Sponsoring Mobile work?

   - A brand sponsor your APP: always searching related campaigns for your users interest.
      + Improved segmentation.
      + More revenue.
   - When you start the application, you will see the brand and terms of use / privacy. Once the user accepts these conditions, data will be sent to advertiser Webservice from Android Market.
   - The advertiser will get this Android Market data from users: email, phone and Postcode through GEOIP

What is Sponsoring Mobile?

   - When starts the app would appear a data adquisition campaign belonging to one of the brands that work with us along with a corresponding privacy policy. If the user accepts the conditions, the developer could generate up to € 0.50 per user.
   - We will send you adapted campaigns to the target of your app to choose which you want to display.
   - You can select the time you want to show the campaign: just only when you start the application for the first time, once a day, once a month ...


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